What is ThincLab?

AUKWard Business Benefits in Europe

At ThincLab Canterbury, our primary focus lies in propelling businesses to the next level, especially those with global aspirations. Our offerings extend beyond a mere shared workspace; we provide an immersive program designed to accelerate growth and development for businesses hailing from diverse sectors and regions.

Building Capability

Central to our approach is the belief in fostering the confidence and capabilities of businesses and founders. Through a series of strategic interventions, we aim to equip our participants with the tools and mindset necessary to thrive in the global marketplace. This includes challenging assumptions, offering ongoing strategic validation, nurturing talent, and providing access to governance structures such as our proto-advisory board, a hallmark feature of our flagship Growth program.

Bespoke Hands-On Support

Distinguishing ourselves from traditional coworking spaces, ThincLab Canterbury offers tailored, hands-on support crafted by world-class experts. Recognizing that each business possesses unique needs and challenges, we prioritize a deep understanding of our participants’ objectives. From refining sales and go-to-market strategies to facilitating product development and enhancing investment readiness, our support is meticulously customized to deliver maximum impact.

Supporting NZ & Canterbury

Beyond individual business growth, our initiatives at ThincLab Canterbury contribute significantly to the wider Canterbury business community and the New Zealand economy at large. As our participating companies expand and scale, they enrich the local business ecosystem, attracting overseas investment and talent while fostering economic growth regionally and nationally.

Our strategic partnerships with the University of Canterbury Business School and the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship, coupled with access to university-wide research in science and technology, ensure a robust pipeline of talent and intellectual property. This not only fuels the entrepreneurial aspirations of students but also presents opportunities for collaboration and innovation within our network.

The Companies We Support

ThincLab Canterbury boasts a diverse portfolio of companies spanning various sectors, including agritech, health, telecommunications, cleantech, food, and aerospace. Through our tailored support programs, we empower these businesses to achieve their global ambitions while contributing to the vibrancy and resilience of the local and national economy.