We take businesses to the next level

At ThincLab Canterbury we specialise in accelerating growth for globally-focused businesses. More than a shared workspace, ThincLab Canterbury offers an intensive programme of hands-on support and coaching for businesses from across the region.

We build capability.

We believe in helping businesses and founders grow their confidence and capabilities, so they can take on the world.

We do this by peeling back assumptions, providing ongoing strategic validation, developing and coaching talent, and offering an introduction to governance in the form of a proto-advisory board, in the case of our flagship Growth programme.

Bespoke hands-on support.

Far more than a shared workspace, ThincLab Canterbury is an open-ended programme for businesses with global aspirations, anchored by bespoke hands-on support from world-class experts.

We understand that every business has different needs and different challenges, so we get to know each business intimately, and tailor our support accordingly.

From sales and go-to-market strategy to support with product development, from investment readiness to organisational and cultural design, the level and type of support is carefully customised to ensure maximum impact for each participating business.

Supporting NZ & Canterbury.

We’re proud that the work we do at ThincLab Canterbury has a significant impact on the business community around Canterbury and across the New Zealand economy.

As our companies grow and scale, they contribute to a thriving business ecosystem. ThincLab Canterbury businesses continue to secure overseas investment and attract international talent, with significant benefits for the national and regional economy.

Our close affiliation with the University of Canterbury Business School and the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship as well as university-wide science and technology research, provides a rich pipeline of both talent and intellectual property, resulting in opportunities for students to start their own businesses or become employed in startups.

Our connections to other ThincLab centres worldwide provide openings to global markets and sources of capital.

The companies

ThincLab Canterbury is currently working with a diverse portfolio of companies across various sectors - including agritech, health, telecommunications, cleantech, food and aerospace.

Kea Aerospace

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