Bespoke support for ambitious businesses

Startups and early stage companies have unique challenges. The team at ThincLab Canterbury are adept at working through those obstacles to uncover the best pathway to growth.

Always iterating

At ThincLab Canterbury, we believe in frequent engagement. The support we provide varies from strategic advice such as product-market validation and go-to-market strategy, to more tactical support with sales propositions and investor pitches.

We walk the journey with you

The ThincLab Canterbury team understand the practical and cultural challenges of breaking into new markets, and are committed to walking the journey with founders, providing ongoing support in the most appropriate areas.

At ThincLab Canterbury, founders and advisors have a symbiotic relationship and high expectations of each other. We collectively thrive on the challenge of scaling businesses and actively seek out the difficult conversations, since these are often the moments that lead to breakthroughs.

International expertise

At ThincLab Canterbury, we are passionate about bringing a global mindset to the companies we work with, challenging their level of ambition, and helping them grow both professionally and personally.

Global and local networks

With years of international business experience under their belts, our advisors have deep global and local networks. The ability to leverage those networks is crucial to raising the profile of our businesses, and opening doors that result in opportunities that would otherwise be difficult to access.

ThincLab Canterbury is part of the global ThincLab network with offices in Australia, Singapore and France.

We challenge

At ThincLab Canterbury we take a rigorous approach. Our advisors challenge our founders, and in turn expect to be challenged. We believe that radical transparency and honest conversations are key to removing obstacles to growth.

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