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Building Back Better

A serious injury on a job site almost ended single parent Joseph Chapman’s career as a tradesman. But the Start Me Up accelerator programme got him off a benefit and on track to build something new. Jointly facilitated by Ministry of Awesome and ThincLab Canterbury, the Start Me Up programme aims to support beneficiaries into […]

A Taste For Science

Belonging to a military family in the United States meant growing up in dozens of different locations for Maggie-Lee Huckabee. But arriving in New Zealand at the turn of the millennium to take up an academic post at the University of Canterbury must have seemed like an entirely new beginning altogether. Two decades down the […]

November 2021 Newsletter

Nau Mai, Haere Mai. Welcome to the ThincLab Canterbury monthly update. Congratulations Maggie-Lee Professor Maggie-Lee Huckabee became interested in speech pathology and the processes of healing from brain trauma whilst recovering from a head injury herself many years ago. Now as director of the University of Canterbury Rose Centre for Stroke Recovery, her amazing research […]

Respecting The Continuum Of Science

Anti-viral drugs incorporating protease inhibitors were always likely to be a key piece of weaponry in the arsenal against Covid-19. The medication has its origins in research performed almost 150 years ago, sharply illustrating why we should respect the continuum of science. Enzymes are proteins that act as biological catalysts. Enzymology is a branch of […]

Meta Matters

Whatever your opinion of the world’s most popular social media platform and its founder Mark Zuckerberg, one thing is for certain. Facebook is throwing the kitchen sink at reinventing itself. But is this a truly paradigmatic shift and what does it mean for startup tech companies on our side of the planet? Facebook has recently […]

Pitch Perfect

October is Innovation Month at University of Canterbury Centre for Entrepreneurship. As part of the fun, we are holding an informal Pitch Tank session on Thursday 28th October inviting staff and student entrepreneurs to step up and practice pitching their big idea to a panel of our ThincLab Canterbury advisors. So now is the perfect […]

Climate Tech A Hot Topic

A recent report commissioned by Callaghan Innovation sheds light on the opportunities to lead in the commercialisation of technologies that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and it delves deeply into how New Zealand “climate tech” businesses can succeed on the global stage. New Zealand Climate Tech For The World articulates the global context and invites the […]

AUKWard – Why It’s Time For Business To Revisit Europe

Asia-Pacific has been the focus of New Zealand’s trade and investment strategy for the past 25 years. But rapidly shifting geopolitical poles may reignite interest in doing business with Europe, a market of around 450 million that is culturally aligned with New Zealand. Building on our regional relationship with France may be one avenue to […]

ThincLab: A University Based Incubator Creating Unique Value

ThincLab is Canterbury’s dedicated Founder Incubator supporting growth stage businesses with global ambitions. ThincLab sits alongside the University of Canterbury Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE) within the UC Business School. Located on Level 6 of the wonderful Rehua Building on the UC campus, ThincLab is the only Founder Incubator located within a New Zealand university setting. […]

Meet The Mentors: Jordana Clarke

Next in a series of fireside chats with our ThincLab Canterbury advisor team. Wintry hikes with her father and siblings along the icy trails of Banks Peninsula and the Southern Alps as a child taught Jordana Clarke that solid leadership and sure-footed determination were highly valuable attributes in life. These seem to be admirable qualities […]