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Blackbird Singing

Currently holding around $10 billion in equity across companies, including some of Australia’s early unicorns, plucky Blackbird Ventures is arguably now Australasia’s largest and most active venture capital firm. We are thrilled to be hosting the Blackbird team at UCE/ThincLab on Wed 25th May. The company has taken a founder-centric approach to every investment deal […]

COllaborating On Carbon

Carbon credit trading has sometimes been criticised as counterproductive to the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions on the basis that markets enable large emitters to avoid any meaningful change of behaviour. However trading markets, technologies and legislative frameworks are evolving steadily to answer such questions. Carbon trading and offsetting remain an important part of […]

Sustainability Focus For Researchers

Climate change and environmental concerns are never far from our minds these days and especially so for science researchers within our universities and Crown Research Institutes. So this year’s Food, Fibre and Agritech Supernode Challenge has a special focus on primary sector sustainability. As global interest in waste mitigation and production of alternative foods with […]

Finger Pickin’ Good

Joining a band can be a lot like doing a startup company. So there must be a little bit of bluegrass moonshine in the blood of banjo picking, guitar strumming Sean Whitaker who has played a part in developing a number of homegrown food and beverage brands in recent years. Now he’s advising companies within […]

Sustainable Foodtech For A Hungry World

Food sustainability is becoming a huge topic of conversation worldwide and hungry investors are waking up to the growth possibilities as we track towards 10 billion mouths to feed by 2050. Investment research company PitchBook tracked almost US $40 Billion in venture capital flow into food tech in 2021, double the previous year’s figures. But […]

A Taste For Business

Hannah Airey is what you might call a “necessity entrepreneur”. Driven by a need to provide for her family and a desire to support others who needed a helping hand, she started baking and selling gluten free and vegan goodies. Bad Ass Brownies was born. Now after graduating with honours from the Start Me Up […]

Greentech Surpassing Sunset Industries

Global headwinds such as resurgent interest rates and pandemic induced supply chain difficulties may have led to a cyclical downturn in share price fortunes for listed greentech companies lately, but the rivers of private capital pouring into the sector continue unabated. Industry commitments to reaching net zero carbon by 2050 are growing, bolstered by the […]

Agritech For The Environment

For food exporting nations, such as New Zealand, where large scale agriculture remains a huge part of the economy, the environmental cost of greenhouse gas emissions and nutrient runoff pollution has become a focus for action. In the meantime global populations continue to grow as does the demand for food. Agritech innovation is increasingly becoming […]

ESG Adds Flavour To Venture Investments

The global economy is transforming in the face of both a lingering pandemic as well as the many challenges of the climate crisis. Existing business models are being disrupted and completely new fields of endeavour are opening to entrepreneurs. For example, we already know that climate tech may be the single biggest economic opportunity of […]

Summer In The City

In a world where creativity, community and collaboration are increasingly the basis for new innovation, it has been a joy to witness the next generation of entrepreneurs emerging through the University of Canterbury Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE) Summer Startup Programme. ThincLab Canterbury advisors have got to know many of the teams, in our capacity as […]