The Good And The Grate

It has been almost a decade since soulful musician and devout vegan foodie Flip Grater returned to New Zealand after a whirlwind global career in the entertainment industry. Now she’s on a mission to impact the world in a different way.

Grater Goods was established to fill a void in the market for high quality vegan charcuterie and snacks. From humble beginnings cooking up vegan sausages and selling to friends on social media, the company has expanded to provide a range of offerings from its own website, cafe/store and through catered functions. Globally, consumer demand for tasty plant-based protein is growing steadily. So with export opportunities beckoning on the horizon, thanks to support from New Zealand Trade & Enterprise and with a major investment funding round well underway, the future looks bright.

Companies like Grater Goods have begun ushering in a new era as consumer concern for the environment grows and people seek to make a tangible difference by reducing or completely eliminating animal products from their diets. The days of bland and tasteless are long gone. In fact, having tasty vegan meats, cheeses and pates on hand to share over a glass of wine was always one of the big drivers for Grater. The amazing GG cafe in Orbell Street, Sydenham reflects this philosophy entirely with its steampunk chic, warm welcomes and delightfully eclectic food and wine offering.

Like almost all food and hospitality businesses, Grater Goods has faced more than its fair share of challenges during the pandemic years. But diversifying into online sales and opening up channels into supermarket retail helped keep the dream alive. Flip Grater says that building an excellent team with shared values is critical for early stage companies in overcoming adversity. She also recommends being open to external advice and closely examining blind spots in the strategy. Balancing instincts with collective wisdom plays nicely alongside Grater Goods’ company values. That’s advice most startup founders can sink their teeth into.

Grater Goods is part of the FoodSouth – ThincLab mentoring programme supported by ChristchurchNZ.