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Meet The Mentors: Dr Samuel Yu

In late 2019 Sam Yu found himself in the executive suite of a well known global airline pitching Karen Walker designed wool-filter face masks to a senior manager, with the goal of convincing the airline to include a mask in every business traveller’s goodie bag. The management team appeared a bit sceptical and ultimately passed […]

Green Shoots For Smart Foods and Agritech Investment

The rampant pandemic and a problematic previous administration were major setbacks for the world’s largest economy leading to a lengthy period of nervousness among economic soothsayers. But there are now early signs of green shoots. Recovering economies in both China and America appear poised to drive an uptick in global business activity. In the meantime […]

ThincLab Launches New Pace Programme

ThincLab at the University of Canterbury Business School is a founder-led incubator that supports ambitious founders to validate, build and scale business ideas and to commercialise new knowledge and create extraordinary economic value for our region. With company formations currently at record levels and our academic and research institutions bursting with ideas, we’ve seen unprecedented […]

Top of the Tables

Flatmates Guido Loeffler and Nick Lee needed a new dining table during the 2020 lockdown. So with plenty of time on their hands, they set about building one for themselves in the backyard as a challenge. Their friends were all highly impressed and the idea for a business began to coalesce. Fast forward a year […]

Challenge Cohort Explores Māori Innovation Economy

Our eager Food, Fibre and Agritech Supernode Challenge participants have settled into their online accelerator programme supported by a regular cadence of business theory modules, expert sessions and pitch coaching. They have also been getting a taste of the entrepreneurial life through insights from other startup founders as well as receiving an education about the […]

What Is Our UVP In An Uncertain World?

As a student geoscientist who subsequently spent over thirty years living in our shaky Capital city, I have always held the deepest respect for the powerful tectonic forces constantly at work on our little island nation. But nothing could have prepared any of us for the devastating events of 22nd of February 2011. The catastrophe […]

We Shall oVRcome

Almost every teenager experiences social anxiety at some point. But for some, these feelings linger long into adulthood with no obvious remedy. Serial technology entrepreneur Adam Hutchinson started thinking seriously about what he could do to help ease fears, phobias and anxious worrying, when he discovered that fully 80% of people with anxiety disorders receive […]

Case Study: Medsalv

Creating a more sustainable health sector one hospital at a time What started out as a project for his Masters of Engineering and Management, soon turned into an extraordinarily successful startup for entrepreneur, Oliver Hunt. Since entering the University of Canterbury’s Summer Startup programme in 2017, his simple yet innovative idea has been taking the […]

The Commercialisation Imperative

Competing and surviving in a highly technological, fast changing and globalised economy increasingly dictates that universities and institutes step up and generate economic returns on their research. But although there have been a few notable exceptions at New Zealand universities, we continue to underperform in the commercialisation of new scientific knowledge into value generating products […]

Kea Aerospace Atmos Aircraft

Case Study: Kea Aerospace

Building an aerospace industry right here in Canterbury For many businesses, the year of 2020 has been an immense roadblock in terms of progress, however the same cannot be said for this Canterbury startup and partner of ThincLab. Kea Aerospace is a business entirely focused on developing innovative aerospace technology, building the local aerospace ecosystem […]